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Turkey Business Database

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The data includes:

Company Name: 166207
Country: 169,624
Address: 169,623
Phone: 166,207
Fax: 101719
Contact: 76,797
Position: 80
Email: 69,545
Website: 73,031
Product List: 16969
Classification: 2145
Category Activities: 95904
Employees: 8037
Type: 15669
Year of Establish: 2506
Total Annual Sales: 174
Profile: 5470


  • Original quantity: 166207
  • The accurate quantity without duplicate company name: 119805
  • The accurate quantity without duplicate Email: 23808
  • The quantity of Category Activities or Product List: 95904


  • Information Quantity-The accurate quantity without duplicate Company Name and Address.
  • Latest Update-The time of create this product at our site.

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(1)Quantity: The quantity is estimated that maybe has small errors, please understand.

(2)Duplicates: There may be some duplicate records in the column lists(eg. Email,Tel/Fax,Address).

(3)Accuracy rate: We did not test the information so we could not guarantee the data accuracy or delivery rate. You can test the sample before you purchase.

If you have any questions, you can contact for more detail.