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Free Databases

Following are the free databases.  You just need to register an account then select product and add to cart, submit the order, then you can download the database free!

715 Industries USA Yellow Page
Lawyers - Environmental and Natural Resources - USA Yellow Page
Marine Engineers - USA Yellow Page
Mobile Home Dealers - USA Yellow Page
Non-profit Organizations - USA Yellow Page
School Supplies - USA Yellow Page

Hong Kong Business Directory 2009
Laboratory Science -HongKong Bussiness Directory
Tock Lots-HongKong Bussiness Directory
Photographic & Optical Equipment-HongKong Bussiness Directory
Optical (Eyewear)-HongKong Bussiness Directory

Buyers List
Garments / Leathers -Foreign Buyers List
Sporting Good / Casual Goods-Foreign Buyers List
Macau-Foreign Buyers List
Lebanon-Foreign Buyers List
Embroidery-International Purchasers List
Bengal -International Purchasers List
Analysis Instruments--Global Traders List
Eyewear----Global Traders List
Timepieces -Global Traders List

China Export Traders List
2007 China Export Traders List in the second half year
Artex-China Export Traders List

2012 China Import and Export Business Directory
Xizang Import And Export Business Directory
Qinghai Import And Export Business Directory

Africa Business Database
Sudan Business Database
Angola Business Database
Djibouti Business Database

Europe Business Database
Belarus Business Database

Oceania Business Database
Fiji Business Database
Samoa Business Database 

United States Business Database
AK(Alaska) Business Database
DC(D.C. ) Business Database
DE(Delaware) Business Database
HI(Hawaii) Business Database
ME(Maine) Business Database
MT(Montana) Business Database
ND(North Dakota) Business Database
SD(South Dakota) Business Database
VT(Vermont) Business Database
WY(Wyoming) Business Database