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Food and kindred products-USA Industry Business Directory 2009

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    Meat products D201
    Meat packing plants D2011
    Animal (except poultry) slaughtering (pt) D2011
    Sausages & other prepared meats D2013
    Meat processed from carcasses (pt) D2013
    Poultry & egg processing D2015
    Poultry processing D2015
    All other miscellaneous food mfg (pt) D2015
    Dairy products D202
    Creamery butter D2021
    Creamery butter mfg D2021
    Cheese, natural & processed D2022
    Cheese mfg D2022
    Condensed & evaporated milk D2023
    Dry, condensed, & evaporated dairy product mfg D2023
    Ice cream & frozen desserts D2024
    Ice cream & frozen dessert mfg D2024
    Fluid milk D2026
    Fluid milk mfg D2026
    Preserved fruits and vegetables D203
    Canned specialties D2032
    Specialty canning D2032
    All other miscellaneous food mfg (pt) D2032
    Canned fruits & vegetables D2033
    Fruit & vegetable canning (pt) D2033
    Dehydrated fruits, vegetables, & soups D2034
    Flour milling (pt) D2034
    Dried & dehydrated food mfg (pt) D2034
    Pickles, sauces, & salad dressings D2035
    Fruit & vegetable canning (pt) D2035
    Mayonnaise, dressing, & other prepared sauce mfg (pt) D2035
    Frozen fruits & vegetables D2037
    Frozen fruit, juice, & vegetable mfg D2037
    Frozen specialties, n.e.c. D2038
    Frozen specialty food mfg D2038
    Grain mill products D204
    Flour & other grain mill products D2041
    Flour milling (pt) D2041
    Cereal breakfast foods D2043
    Breakfast cereal mfg D2043
    Coffee & tea mfg (pt) D2043
    Rice milling D2044
    Rice milling D2044
    Blended & prepared flour D2045
    Flour mixes & dough mfg from purchased flour D2045
    Wet corn milling D2046
    Wet corn milling D2046
    Dog & cat food D2047
    Dog & cat food mfg D2047
    Prepared feeds, n.e.c. D2048
    Other animal food mfg D2048
    Animal (except poultry) slaughtering (pt) D2048
    Bakery products D205
    Bread, cake, & related products D2051
    Commercial bakeries (pt) D2051
    Cookies & crackers D2052
    Commercial bakeries (pt) D2052
    Cookie & cracker mfg D2052
    Other snack food mfg (pt) D2052
    Frozen bakery products, except bread D2053
    Frozen cakes, pies, & other pastries mfg D2053
    Sugar and confectionery products D206
    Raw cane sugar D2061
    Sugarcane mills D2061
    Cane sugar refining D2062
    Cane sugar refining D2062
    Beet sugar D2063
    Beet sugar mfg D2063
    Candy & other confectionery products & chewing gum D2064
    Confectionery mfg from purchased chocolate (pt) D2064
    Nonchocolate confectionery mfg (pt) D2064
    Chocolate & cocoa products D2066
    Chocolate & confectionery mfg from cacao beans D2066
    Salted & roasted nuts & seeds D2068
    Roasted nuts & peanut butter mfg (pt) D2068
    Fats and oils D207
    Cottonseed oil mills D2074
    Other oilseed processing (pt) D2074
    Fats & oils refining & blending (pt) D2074
    Soybean oil mills D2075
    Soybean processing D2075
    Fats & oils refining & blending (pt) D2075
    Vegetable oil mills, n.e.c. D2076
    Other oilseed processing (pt) D2076
    Fats & oils refining & blending (pt) D2076
    Animal & marine fats & oils D2077
    Fats & oils refining & blending (pt) D2077
    Rendering & meat byproduct processing D2077
    Seafood canning (pt) D2077
    Fresh & frozen seafood processing (pt) D2077
    Shortening & cooking oils D2079
    Fats & oils refining & blending (pt) D2079
    Beverages D208
    Malt beverages D2082
    Breweries D2082
    Malt D2083
    Malt mfg D2083
    Wines, brandy, & brandy spirits D2084
    Wineries D2084
    Distilled liquor, except brandy D2085
    Distilleries D2085
    Bottled & canned soft drinks D2086
    Soft drink mfg D2086
    Bottled water mfg D2086
    Flavoring extracts & syrups, n.e.c. D2087
    Flavoring syrup & concentrate mfg D2087
    Spice & extract mfg (pt) D2087
    All other miscellaneous food mfg (pt) D2087
    Miscellaneous food and kindred products D209
    Canned & cured seafood D2091
    Seafood canning (pt) D2091
    Fresh or frozen seafood D2092
    Fresh & frozen seafood processing (pt) D2092
    Roasted coffee D2095
    Coffee & tea mfg (pt) D2095
    Spice & extract mfg (pt) D2095
    Potato chips & similar snacks D2096
    Other snack food mfg (pt) D2096
    Manufactured ice D2097
    Ice mfg D2097
    Macaroni & spaghetti D2098
    Dry pasta mfg D2098
    Food preparations, n.e.c. D2099
    Nonchocolate confectionery mfg (pt) D2099
    Dried & dehydrated food mfg (pt) D2099
    Tortilla mfg D2099
    Roasted nuts & peanut butter mfg (pt) D2099
    Coffee & tea mfg (pt) D2099
    Mayonnaise, dressing, & other prepared sauce mfg (pt) D2099
    Spice & extract mfg (pt) D2099
    Perishable prepared food mfg D2099
    All other miscellaneous food mfg (pt) D2099



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