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Business Services-USA Industry Business Directory 2009

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    Advertising Services I731
    Advertising agencies I7311
    Advertising agencies I7311
    Outdoor advertising services I7312
    Outdoor advertising services I7312
    Radio, television, and publishers' advertising representatives I7313
    Media representatives I7313
    Radio & television advertising representatives I7313
    Publishers' advertising representatives I7313
    Advertising, n.e.c. I7319
    Media buying services I7319
    Display advertising (except outdoor) I7319
    Advertising material distribution services I7319
    All other advertising I7319
    Consumer Credit Reporting / Mercantile Services I732
    Adjustment & collection services I7322
    Collection agencies I7322
    Adjustment bureaus I7322
    Credit reporting services I7323
    Credit bureaus I7323
    Consumer credit reporting agencies I7323
    Mercantile reporting agencies I7323
    Mailing, Reproduction & Commerical Art Services I733
    Direct mail advertising services I7331
    Database & directory publishers (pt) I7331
    Direct mail advertising I7331
    Photocopying & duplicating services I7334
    Other business service centers (including copy shops) I7334
    Commercial photography I7335
    Commercial photography (except medical photography) I7335
    Commercial art & graphic design I7336
    Graphic design services I7336
    Graphic design services (except commercial art & medical artists) I7336
    Commercial art I7336
    Secretarial & court reporting services I7338
    Document preparation services I7338
    Court reporting & stenotype services I7338
    Services to Dwellings & Other Buildings I734
    Disinfecting & pest control services I7341
    Exterminating & pest control services I7342
    Disinfecting services I7342
    Building cleaning & maintenance services, n.e.c. I7349
    Other janitorial services I7349
    Miscellaneous Equipment Rental & Leasing I735
    Medical equipment rental & leasing I7351
    Home health equipment rental I7352
    Medical equipment rental & leasing (exc home health equipment) I7352
    Heavy construction equipment rental & leasing I7353
    All other heavy construction (pt) I7353
    Rental & leasing of heavy construction equip without operators I7353
    Equipment rental & leasing, n.e.c. I7359
    Consumer electronics & appliances rental I7359
    Other consumer goods rental & leasing I7359
    General rental centers I7359
    Aircraft rental & leasing I7359
    Oilfield & well drilling equipment rental & leasing I7359
    Office machinery rental & leasing I7359
    Industrial equipment rental & leasing I7359
    Portable toilet rental I7359
    Personnel Supply Services I736
    Employment agencies I7361
    Executive placement services I7361
    Employment agencies (except executive placement services) I7361
    Help supply services I7363
    Temporary help services I7363
    Employee leasing services I7363
    Computer Programming and Data Processing I737
    Computer programming services I7371
    Custom computer programming services I7371
    Software publishers I7372
    Software publishers I7372
    Computer systems integrators I7373
    Computer systems integrators I7373
    Data processing services I7374
    Data processing services I7374
    On-line information services I7375
    On-line information services I7375
    Computer facilities management services I7376
    Computer facilities management services I7376
    Computer rental & leasing I7377
    Computer rental & leasing I7377
    Computer maintenance & repair I7378
    Computer maintenance & repair I7378
    Computer related services, n.e.c. I7379
    Software reproducing I7379
    Computer systems consultants (except systems integrators) I7379
    Other computer related services I7379
    Computer consultants (except computer systems consultants) I7379
    All other computer related services I7379
    Miscellaneous Business Services I738
    Detective, guard, & armored car services I7381
    Investigation services I7381
    Security guards & patrol services I7381
    Armored car services I7381
    Security systems services I7382
    Security systems services (except locksmiths) I7382
    News syndicates I7383
    News syndicates I7383
    Photofinishing laboratories I7384
    Photofinishing laboratories (except one-hour) I7384
    One-hour photofinishing I7384
    Business services, n.e.c. I7389
    Sound recording studios I7389
    Audio taping services I7389
    Credit card processing I7389
    All other legal services I7389
    Drafting services I7389
    Building inspection services I7389
    Map making services I7389
    Interior design services I7389
    Industrial design services I7389
    Other specialized design services I7389
    Other services related to advertising I7389
    Welcoming services I7389
    Sign painting & lettering shop I7389
    Translation & interpretation services I7389
    All other professional, scientific, & technical services I7389
    Telephone answering services (except voice mailbox) I7389
    Telemarketing bureaus I7389
    Private mail centers I7389
    Recovery & repossession services I7389
    All other business support services I7389
    Convention & visitors bureaus I7389
    Reservation systems:  hotels & restaurants I7389
    Swimming pool cleaning & maintenance I7389
    Packaging & labeling services I7389
    Convention & trade show organizers I7389
    All other support services I7389
    Trading stamp services I7389
    Water softening & conditioning services I7389
    Other miscellaneous support services I7389
    Agents & brokers for nonperforming artists I7389
    Bail bonding I7389
    Automotive Rental And Leasing, Without Drivers I751
    Truck rental services, without drivers I7513
    Truck, utility trailer, & RV rental & leasing I7513
    Truck rental I7513
    Truck leasing I7513
    Passenger car rental I7514
    Passenger car rental I7514
    Passenger car leasing I7515
    Passenger car leasing I7515
    Utility trailer & recreational vehicle rental I7519
    Utility trailer & RV (recreational vehicle) rental & leasing I7519
    Automobile parking I752
    Parking lots & garages I7521
    Automotive repair shops I753
    Top, body, & upholstery repair shops & paint shops I7532
    Automotive body, paint, & interior repair & maintenance I7532
    Paint or body repair shops I7532
    Van conversion services I7532
    Upholstery & interior repair shops I7532
    Automotive exhaust system repair shops I7533
    Automotive exhaust system repair I7533
    Tire retreading & repair shops I7534
    Tire retreading I7534
    Tire repair shops I7534
    Automotive glass replacement shops I7536
    Automotive glass replacement shops I7536
    Automotive transmission repair shops I7537
    Automotive transmission repair I7537
    General automotive repair shops I7538
    General automotive repair I7538
    Automotive repair shops, n.e.c. I7539
    Other automotive mechanical & electrical repair & maintenance I7539
    Carburetor repair shops I7539
    Brake, front end, & wheel alignment I7539
    Electrical repair shops, motor vehicle I7539
    Radiator repair I7539
    All other motor vehicle repair shops I7539
    Automotive Services, Except Repair I754
    Carwashes I7542
    Automotive services, except repair & carwashes I7549
    Motor vehicle towing I7549
    Automotive oil change & lubrication shops I7549
    All other motor vehicle services (except repair & carwashes) I7549
    Electrical Repair Shops I762
    Radio & television repair shops I7622
    Consumer electronics repair & maintenance I7622
    Telecommunication equipment repair I7622
    Refrigeration & air-conditioning service & repair shops I7623
    Commercial refrigeration equipment repair I7623
    Refrigeration & AC service & repair shops (exc commercial) I7623
    Electrical & electronic repair shops, I7629
    Business & office machine repair, electrical I7629
    Telephone set repair I7629
    Electrical equipment repair & maintenance, incl medical equipment I7629
    Consumer equip repair (exc computer, television, VCR, & stereo) I7629
    Electric appliance & washing machine repair I7629
    Watch, clock, & jewelry repair I763
    Watch, clock, & jewelry repair I7631
    Reupholstery & furniture repair I764
    Reupholstery & furniture repair I7641
    Miscellaneous Repair Shops And Related Services I769
    Welding repair I7692
    Armature rewinding shops I7694
    Motor & generator mfg (pt) I7694
    Armature rewinding & repair shops I7694
    Repair shops & related services, n.e.c. I7699
    Ship scaling I7699
    Locksmiths I7699
    Other services to buildings & dwellings I7699
    Furnace, duct, chimney, & gutter cleaning I7699
    Drain cleaning I7699
    Cesspool cleaning, sewer cleaning, & rodding I7699
    Typewriter repair I7699
    Dental/lab instrument/oth precision equip repair (exc typewriter) I7699
    Industrial machines & equipment repair I7699
    Home & garden equipment repair & maintenance (exc consumer equip) I7699
    Nonelectrical appliances & other nonelectronic equipment repair I7699
    Leather goods, luggage, & pocketbook repair I7699
    All other repair & related services I7699
    Motion Picture Production And Allied Services I781
    Motion picture & video tape production I7812
    Motion picture production (except for television) I7812
    Motion picture & video production for television I7812
    Services allied to motion picture production I7819
    Prerecorded CD (except software), tape, & record reproducing (pt) I7819
    Teleproduction & other postproduction services I7819
    Services allied to motion picture production I7819
    Wardrobe rental I7819
    Motion picture equipment rental I7819
    Talent payment services I7819
    Casting bureaus I7819
    Independent motion picture production artists & technicians I7819
    Motion Picture Distribution And Allied Services I782
    Motion picture & video tape distribution I7822
    Prerecorded video tapes whsle I7822
    Motion picture & video distribution I7822
    Motion picture film exchanges I7822
    Film or tape distribution for television I7822
    Services allied to motion picture distribution I7829
    Services allied to film & video distribution I7829
    Motion picture theaters  I783
    Motion picture theaters (except drive-ins) I7832
    Drive-in motion picture theaters I7833
    Drive-in motion picture theaters I7833
    Video tape rental I784
    Video tape & disk rental I7841


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