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The Phase I of 113th Canton Fair Exhibitors

  • Title: The Phase I of 113th Canton Fair Exhibitors
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From the 113th Canton Fair;

Exhibition Time: 2013-04;

The content of the Exhibitors in National Pavilion include: Company, Brand, Number of Staff, Registered Capital, Year of Foundation, Address, Business Type, Province, Postcode, Contact Person, Fax, Website, Exhibition Record, Boot, Introduction, Email.

The content of the Exhibitors in International Pavilion include: Company, Address, Country-Region, Postcode, Contact Person, Fax, Website, Boot, Introduction, Email.

Notice: not each data has email address.

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NO.Product NamePriceInformation Quantity
1Computer and Communication Products-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.90157
2Bicycles-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.90112
3Building and Decorative Materials-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.901,265
4Chemical Products-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.90337
5Construction Machinery(Outdoor Open Area)-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.90110
6Construction Machinery(Outdoor Area under Awning)-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.90308
7Consumer Electronics-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.90599
8Electronic and Electrical Products-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.90664
9Motorcycles-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.90284
10Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.90592
11Hardware-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.901,041
12Large Machinery & Equipment-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.90424
13Lighting Equipment-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.90614
14Household Electrical Appliances-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.901,144
15Vehicles-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.90108
16Small Machinery-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.90818
17Vehicle Spare Parts-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.90948
18Tools-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.901,269
19Building Materials & Hardware-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.90153
20Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.90135
21Industrial Raw Materials-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors $ 19.907
22Machinery Equipment-113th Canton Fair Exhibitors$19.9050


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