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115th Canton Fair Exhibitors

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The Phase I of 115th Canton Fair Exhibitors

NO. Product Name Price Information Quantity
2Building and Decoration Materials19.91215
3Computer and Communication19.9146
4Consumer Electronics19.9437
5Electronic and Electrical19.9636
6Household electrical appliances19.91120
7Lighting Equipment19.9591
8Chemical Products19.9316
9Construction Machinery19.9389
11Large Machinery and Equipment19.9414
13Sanitary and bathroom equipment19.9578
14Small Machinery19.9759
16Vehicle spare parts19.9908
18International Pavilion-Building Materials & Hardware19.9166
19International Pavilion-Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances19.9162
20International Pavilion-Machinery Equipment19.921


The Phase II&III of 115th Canton Fair Exhibitors

NO.Product NamePriceInformation Quantity
   1Art ceramics19.9311
2Carpets & tapestries19.9108
3Cases and bags19.9978
4Clocks, watches & optical instruments19.9131
5Fashion accessories and fittings19.9496
6Festival products19.9396
9Furs, Leather, Down and Related Products19.990
10Gardening Products19.9509
11General ceramics19.9687
12Gifts and premiums19.91060
13Glass artware19.9364
14Home decorations19.9647
15Home Textiles19.91378
16Household items19.91313
17Kids' wear19.9214
18Kitchenware & tableware19.91154
19Medical devices, disposables and dressings19.9263
20Medicines and health products19.9219
21Men and women's clothing19.91192
22Native produce19.943
23Office Supplies19.9817
24Personal Care Products19.9212
26Sports and casual wear19.9318
27Sports and Tourism Leisure Products19.9673
28Stone Iron Decoration & Outdoor Spa Equipment19.943
29Textile Raw Materials and Fabrics19.9647
33Weaving,rattan and iron arts19.9197
34International Pavilion-Foodstuffs & Agricultural Products19.975
35International Pavilion-Household Items19.992

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