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data including:company Name, company Address ,City, State ,Postal Code ,County ,Phone Number ,Web Site, Industry classification

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Numbers Price(USD)
001 Canada AB province Business Directory 226,561 $29
002 Canada MB province Business Directory 80,745 $29
003 Canada NB province Business Directory 47,868 $29
004 Canada NL province Business Directory  29,893 $29
005 Canada NS province Business Directory  57,416 $29
006 Canada NT province Business Directory 222,296 $29
007 Canada NU province Business Directory  350,119 $29
008 Canada ON province Business Directory  312,139 $29
009 Canada PE province Business Directory  256,873 $29
010 Canada QC province Business Directory 203,269 $29
011 Canada SK province Business Directory 208,893 $29
012 Canada YT province Business Directory 122,833 $29
013 Canada BC province Business Directory 280,405 $29



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(2)Duplicates: There may be some duplicate records in the column lists(eg. Email,Tel/Fax,Address).

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