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Stone, clay, and glass products-USA Business Directory

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  • USA Business Directory 2010-2011 (contains 50 files of  50 states);
  • All records contains Email List ;
  • Every record contains: Company Name, Description, Email, Address, Phone, Fax, SIC CODE, Website and etc. Email Lists for Marketing and Sales Lead .
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  • Main marketing industry:Stone, clay, and glass products
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    Flat glass D321
    Flat glass D3211
    Flat glass mfg D3211
    Glass and glassware, pressed or blown D322
    Glass containers D3221
    Glass container mfg D3221
    Pressed & blown glass, n.e.c. D3229
    Other pressed & blown glass & glassware mfg D3229
    Products of purchased glass D323
    Products of purchased glass D3231
    Glass product mfg made of purchased glass D3231
    Cement, hydraulic D324
    Cement, hydraulic D3241
    Cement mfg D3241
    Structural clay products D325
    Brick & structural clay tile D3251
    Brick & structural clay tile mfg D3251
    Ceramic wall & floor tile D3253
    Ceramic wall & floor tile mfg D3253
    Clay refractories D3255
    Clay refractory mfg D3255
    Structural clay products, n.e.c. D3259
    Other structural clay product mfg D3259
    Pottery and related products D326
    Vitreous plumbing fixtures D3261
    Vitreous china plumbing fixture & bathroom accessories mfg D3261
    Vitreous china food utensils D3262
    Vitreous china, fine earthenware, & other pottery product mfg (pt D3262
    Fine earthenware food utensils D3263
    Vitreous china, fine earthenware, & other pottery product mfg (pt D3263
    Porcelain electrical supplies D3264
    Porcelain electrical supply mfg D3264
    Pottery products, n.e.c. D3269
    Vitreous china, fine earthenware, & other pottery product mfg (pt D3269
    Concrete, gypsum, and plaster products D327
    Concrete brick & block D3271
    Concrete block & brick mfg D3271
    Concrete products, n.e.c. D3272
    Concrete pipe mfg D3272
    Other concrete product mfg D3272
    All other miscellaneous nonmetallic mineral product mfg (pt) D3272
    Ready-mixed concrete D3273
    Ready-mix concrete mfg D3273
    Lime D3274
    Lime mfg D3274
    Gypsum products D3275
    Gypsum product mfg (pt) D3275
    Cut stone and stone products D328
    Cut stone & stone products D3281
    Cut stone & stone product mfg D3281
    Miscellaneous nonmetallic mineral products D329
    Abrasive products D3291
    Abrasive product mfg D3291
    All other miscellaneous fabricated metal product mfg (pt) D3291
    Asbestos products D3292
    All other miscellaneous nonmetallic mineral product mfg (pt) D3292
    Motor vehicle brake system mfg (pt) D3292
    Minerals, ground or treated D3295
    Ground or treated mineral & earth mfg D3295
    Mineral wool D3296
    Mineral wool mfg D3296
    Nonclay refractories D3297
    Nonclay refractory mfg D3297
    Nonmetallic mineral products, n.e.c. D3299
    Vitreous china, fine earthenware, & other pottery product mfg (pt D3299
    Gypsum product mfg (pt) D3299
    All other miscellaneous nonmetallic mineral product mfg (pt) D3299



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