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Miscellaneous manufacturing industries-USA Business Directory

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  • USA Business Directory 2010-2011 (contains 50 files of  50 states);
  • All records contains Email List ;
  • Every record contains: Company Name, Description, Email, Address, Phone, Fax, SIC CODE, Website and etc. Email Lists for Marketing and Sales Lead .
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  • Main marketing industry:Miscellaneous manufacturing industries
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    Jewelry, silverware, and plated ware D391
    Jewelry, precious metal D3911
    Jewelry (except costume) mfg (pt) D3911
    Silverware & plated ware D3914
    Cutlery & flatware (except precious) mfg (pt) D3914
    Silverware & plated ware mfg (pt) D3914
    Jewelers' materials & lapidary work D3915
    Jewelers' material & lapidary work mfg D3915
    Musical instruments D393
    Musical instruments D3931
    Musical instrument mfg D3931
    Toys and sporting goods D394
    Dolls D3942
    Doll & stuffed toy mfg D3942
    Games, toys, & children's vehicles D3944
    Motorcycle, bicycle, & parts mfg (pt) D3944
    Game, toy, & children's vehicle mfg D3944
    Sporting & athletic goods, n.e.c. D3949
    Sporting & athletic goods mfg D3949
    Pens, pencils, office, and art supplies D395
    Pens & mechanical pencils D3951
    Pen & mechanical pencil mfg D3951
    Lead pencils & art goods D3952
    All other miscellaneous chemical product & preparation mfg (pt) D3952
    Institutional furniture mfg (pt) D3952
    Lead pencil & art good mfg (pt) D3952
    Marking devices D3953
    Marking device mfg D3953
    Carbon paper & inked ribbons D3955
    Carbon paper & inked ribbon mfg D3955
    Costume jewelry and notions D396
    Costume jewelry D3961
    Costume jewelry & novelty mfg (pt) D3961
    Fasteners, buttons, needles, & pins D3965
    Fastener, button, needle, & pin mfg (pt) D3965
    Miscellaneous manufactures D399
    Brooms & brushes D3991
    Broom, brush, & mop mfg (pt) D3991
    Signs & advertising displays D3993
    Sign mfg D3993
    Burial caskets D3995
    Burial casket mfg D3995
    Hard surface floor coverings D3996
    Resilient floor covering mfg (pt) D3996
    Mfg industries, n.e.c. D3999
    All other miscellaneous textile product mills (pt) D3999
    Leather & hide tanning & finishing (pt) D3999
    All other miscellaneous wood product mfg (pt) D3999
    All other converted paper product mfg (pt) D3999
    Commercial lithographic printing (pt) D3999
    Commercial gravure printing (pt) D3999
    Commercial flexographic printing (pt) D3999
    Commercial screen printing (pt) D3999
    Other commercial printing (pt) D3999
    All other miscellaneous chemical product & preparation mfg (pt) D3999
    All other plastics product mfg (pt) D3999
    Hand & edge tool mfg (pt) D3999
    All other miscellaneous fabricated metal product mfg (pt) D3999
    Residential electric lighting fixture mfg (pt) D3999
    Institutional furniture mfg (pt) D3999
    All other miscellaneous mfg (pt) D3999



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