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Transportation equipment-USA Business Directory

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  • USA Business Directory 2010-2011 (contains 50 files of  50 states);
  • All records contains Email List ;
  • Every record contains: Company Name, Description, Email, Address, Phone, Fax, SIC CODE, Website and etc. Email Lists for Marketing and Sales Lead .
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  • Main marketing industry:Transportation equipment
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    Motor vehicles and equipment D371
    Motor vehicles & car bodies D3711
    Automobile mfg D3711
    Light truck & utility vehicle mfg D3711
    Heavy duty truck mfg D3711
    Motor vehicle body mfg (pt) D3711
    Military armored vehicle, tank, & tank component mfg (pt) D3711
    Truck & bus bodies D3713
    Motor vehicle body mfg (pt) D3713
    Motor vehicle parts & accessories D3714
    Motor vehicle body mfg (pt) D3714
    Gasoline engine & engine parts mfg D3714
    Other motor vehicle electrical & electronic equipment mfg (pt) D3714
    Motor vehicle steering & suspension component (except spring) mfg D3714
    Motor vehicle brake system mfg (pt) D3714
    Motor vehicle transmission & power train parts mfg D3714
    All other motor vehicle parts mfg (pt) D3714
    Truck trailers D3715
    Truck trailer mfg D3715
    Motor homes D3716
    Motor home mfg D3716
    Aircraft and parts D372
    Aircraft D3721
    Aircraft mfg D3721
    Aircraft engines & engine parts D3724
    Aircraft engine & engine parts mfg D3724
    Aircraft parts & equipment, n.e.c. D3728
    Fluid power valve & hose fitting mfg (pt) D3728
    Fluid power cylinder & actuator mfg (pt) D3728
    Fluid power pump & motor mfg (pt) D3728
    Other aircraft part & auxiliary equipment mfg D3728
    Ship and boat building and repairing D373
    Ship building & repairing D3731
    Ship building & repairing D3731
    Boat building & repairing D3732
    Boat building D3732
    Boat repair D3732
    Railroad equipment D374
    Railroad equipment D3743
    Pump & pumping equipment mfg (pt) D3743
    Railroad rolling stock mfg (pt) D3743
    Motorcycles, bicycles, and parts D375
    Motorcycles, bicycles, & parts D3751
    Motorcycle, bicycle, & parts mfg (pt) D3751
    Guided missiles, space vehicles, parts D376
    Guided missiles & space vehicles D3761
    Guided missile & space vehicle mfg D3761
    Space propulsion units & parts D3764
    Guided missile & space vehicle propulsion unit & parts mfg D3764
    Space vehicle equipment, n.e.c. D3769
    Other guided missile & space vehicle parts & auxiliary equip mfg D3769
    Miscellaneous transportation equipment D379
    Travel trailer & campers D3792
    Travel trailer & camper mfg (pt) D3792
    Tanks & tank components D3795
    Military armored vehicle, tank, & tank component mfg (pt) D3795
    Transportation equipment, n.e.c. D3799
    Hand & edge tool mfg (pt) D3799
    Travel trailer & camper mfg (pt) D3799
    All other transportation equipment mfg D3799



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