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Electronic and other electric equipment-USA Business Directory

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  • USA Business Directory 2010-2011 (contains 50 files of  50 states);
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  • Main marketing industry:Electronic and other electric equipment
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    Electric distribution equipment D361
    Transformers D3612
    Power, distribution, & specialty transformer mfg (pt) D3612
    Switchgear & switchboard apparatus D3613
    Switchgear & switchboard apparatus mfg D3613
    Electrical industrial apparatus D362
    Motors & generators D3621
    Motor & generator mfg (pt) D3621
    Carbon & graphite products D3624
    Carbon & graphite product mfg D3624
    Relays & industrial controls D3625
    Relay & industrial control mfg D3625
    Electrical industrial apparatus, n.e.c. D3629
    All other miscellaneous electrical equipment & component mfg (pt) D3629
    Household appliances D363
    Household cooking equipment D3631
    Household cooking appliance mfg D3631
    Household refrigerators & freezers D3632
    Household refrigerator & home freezer mfg D3632
    Household laundry equipment D3633
    Household laundry equipment mfg D3633
    Electric housewares & fans D3634
    Heating equipment (except warm air furnaces) mfg (pt) D3634
    Electric housewares & household fan mfg D3634
    Household vacuum cleaners D3635
    Household vacuum cleaner mfg (pt) D3635
    Household appliances, n.e.c. D3639
    All other industrial machinery mfg (pt) D3639
    Household vacuum cleaner mfg (pt) D3639
    Other major household appliance mfg D3639
    Electric lighting and wiring equipment D364
    Electric lamps D3641
    Electric lamp bulb & part mfg D3641
    Current-carrying wiring devices D3643
    Current-carrying wiring device mfg D3643
    Noncurrent-carrying wiring devices D3644
    Noncurrent-carrying wiring device mfg D3644
    Residential lighting fixtures D3645
    Residential electric lighting fixture mfg (pt) D3645
    Commercial lighting fixtures D3646
    Commercial/industrial/institutional electric lighting fixture mfg D3646
    Vehicular lighting equipment D3647
    Vehicular lighting equipment mfg D3647
    Lighting equipment, n.e.c. D3648
    Other lighting equipment mfg (pt) D3648
    Household audio and video equipment D365
    Household audio & video equipment D3651
    Audio & video equipment mfg D3651
    Prerecorded records & tapes D3652
    Prerecorded CD (except software), tape, & record reproducing (pt) D3652
    Communications equipment D366
    Telephone & telegraph apparatus D3661
    Telephone apparatus mfg D3661
    Electronic coil, transformer, & other inductor mfg (pt) D3661
    Printed circuit assembly (electronic assembly) mfg (pt) D3661
    Radio & TV communications equipment D3663
    Radio & TV broadcasting & wireless communications equipment mfg ( D3663
    Communications equipment, n.e.c. D3669
    Other communications equipment mfg D3669
    Electronic components and accessories D367
    Electron tubes D3671
    Electron tube mfg D3671
    Printed circuit boards D3672
    Bare printed circuit board mfg D3672
    Semiconductors & related devices D3674
    Semiconductor & related device mfg D3674
    Electronic capacitors D3675
    Electronic capacitor mfg D3675
    Electronic resistors D3676
    Electronic resistor mfg D3676
    Electronic coils & transformers D3677
    Electronic coil, transformer, & other inductor mfg (pt) D3677
    Electronic connectors D3678
    Electronic connector mfg D3678
    Electronic components, n.e.c. D3679
    Radio & TV broadcasting & wireless communications equipment mfg ( D3679
    Printed circuit assembly (electronic assembly) mfg (pt) D3679
    Other electronic component mfg D3679
    Other motor vehicle electrical & electronic equipment mfg (pt) D3679
    Miscellaneous electrical equipment and supplies D369
    Storage batteries D3691
    Storage battery mfg D3691
    Primary batteries, dry & wet D3692
    Primary battery mfg D3692
    Engine electrical equipment D3694
    Other motor vehicle electrical & electronic equipment mfg (pt) D3694
    Magnetic & optical recording media D3695
    Magnetic & optical recording media mfg D3695
    Electrical equipment & supplies, n.e.c. D3699
    Hand & edge tool mfg (pt) D3699
    Textile machinery mfg (pt) D3699
    Printing machinery & equipment mfg (pt) D3699
    Optical instrument & lens mfg (pt) D3699
    Photographic & photocopying equipment mfg (pt) D3699
    Other commercial & service industry machinery mfg (pt) D3699
    Machine tool (metal cutting types) mfg (pt) D3699
    Other engine equipment mfg (pt) D3699
    Welding & soldering equipment mfg (pt) D3699
    Other computer peripheral equipment mfg (pt) D3699
    Electromedical & electrotherapeutic apparatus mfg (pt) D3699
    Search, detection, navigation, & guidance instrument mfg (pt) D3699
    Analytical laboratory instrument mfg (pt) D3699
    Other measuring & controlling device mfg (pt) D3699
    Other lighting equipment mfg (pt) D3699
    All other miscellaneous electrical equipment & component mfg (pt) D3699
    Dental equipment & supplies mfg (pt) D3699



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