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Miscellaneous retail-USA Business Directory

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  • USA Business Directory 2010-2011 (contains 50 files of  50 states);
  • All records contains Email List ;
  • Every record contains: Company Name, Description, Email, Address, Phone, Fax, SIC CODE, Website and etc. Email Lists for Marketing and Sales Lead .
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  • Main marketing industry:Miscellaneous retail
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    Drug stores and proprietary stores G591
    Drug stores & proprietary stores G5912
    Pharmacies & drug stores G5912
    Pharmacies & drug stores G5912
    Proprietary stores G5912
    Liquor stores G592
    Liquor stores G5921
    Beer, wine, & liquor stores G5921
    Used merchandise stores G593
    Used merchandise stores G5932
    Used merchandise stores G5932
    Antique stores G5932
    Second-hand stores, except pawn shops G5932
    Pawn shops G5932
    Miscellaneous shopping goods stores G594
    Sporting goods stores & bicycle shops G5941
    Sporting goods stores G5941
    General-line sporting goods stores G5941
    Bicycle shops G5941
    Golf shops G5941
    Gun shops G5941
    Ski shops G5941
    Tackle shops G5941
    Other specialty-line sporting goods stores G5941
    Book stores G5942
    Book stores G5942
    Book stores, general G5942
    Specialty book stores G5942
    College book stores G5942
    Stationery stores G5943
    Office supplies & stationery stores G5943
    Stationery stores G5943
    Office supplies stores G5943
    Jewelry stores G5944
    Jewelry stores G5944
    Hobby, toy, & game shops G5945
    Hobby, toy, & game stores G5945
    Hobby, toy, & game stores G5945
    Craft supplies stores G5945
    Camera & photographic supply stores G5946
    Camera & photographic supplies stores G5946
    Gift, novelty, & souvenir shops G5947
    Gift, novelty, & souvenir stores G5947
    Luggage & leather goods stores G5948
    Luggage & leather goods stores G5948
    Sewing, needlework, & piece goods stores G5949
    Sewing, needlework, & piece goods stores G5949
    Sewing, fabric, & piece goods stores G5949
    Needlework & knitting stores G5949
    Nonstore retailers G596
    Catalog & mail-order houses G5961
    Electronic shopping & mail-order houses G5961
    Mail-order houses, department store merchandise G5961
    Mail-order houses, other general merchandise G5961
    Mail-order houses, specialized merchandise G5961
    Television order, home shopping G5961
    Automatic merchandising machine operators G5962
    Vending machine operators G5962
    Direct selling establishments G5963
    Other direct selling establishments G5963
    Direct selling, furniture, home furnishings, electronics, & appl G5963
    Direct selling, cameras & photographic equipment G5963
    Direct selling, videos, tapes, compact discs, & records G5963
    Direct selling, books & magazines G5963
    Direct selling, newspapers G5963
    Direct selling, stationery G5963
    Direct selling, all other merchandise G5963
    Mobile foodservices G5963
    Fuel dealers G598
    Fuel oil dealers G5983
    Heating oil dealers G5983
    Liquefied petroleum gas (bottled gas) dealers G5984
    Liquefied petroleum gas (bottled gas) dealers G5984
    Fuel dealers, not elsewhere classified G5989
    Other fuel dealers G5989
    Retail stores, not elsewhere classified G599
    Florists G5992
    Florists G5992
    Tobacco stores & stands G5993
    Tobacco stores G5993
    News dealers & newsstands G5994
    News dealers & newsstands G5994
    Optical goods stores G5995
    Optical goods stores G5995
    Miscellaneous retail stores, not elsewhere classified G5999
    Radio, television, & other electronics stores G5999
    Typewriter shops G5999
    Telephone stores G5999
    Cosmetics, beauty supplies, & perfume stores G5999
    Health care stores G5999
    Pet & pet supplies stores G5999
    Art dealers G5999
    All other miscellaneous store retailers (except tobacco stores) G5999
    Collectors' items & supplies stores G5999
    Trophy shops G5999
    Other miscellaneous store retailers, nec G5999



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