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Amusement and recreation services-USA Business Directory

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  • USA Business Directory 2010-2011 (contains 50 files of  50 states);
  • All records contains Email List ;
  • Every record contains: Company Name, Description, Email, Address, Phone, Fax, SIC CODE, Website and etc. Email Lists for Marketing and Sales Lead .
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  • Main marketing industry:Amusement and recreation services
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    Dance studios, schools, and halls I791
    Dance studios, schools, & halls I7911
    Dance schools (including children's & professionals') I7911
    Dance studios & halls I7911
    Theatrical producers (except motion picture) bands, orchestras, and entertainers I792
    Theatrical producers (exc movie) & misc theatrical services I7922
    Producers of taped radio programs I7922
    Theatrical equipment rental I7922
    Casting agencies I7922
    Theatrical ticket agencies I7922
    Theater companies & dinner theaters I7922
    Opera companies I7922
    Theater companies I7922
    Theater operators I7922
    Promoters of performing arts, sports, & similar events w/o facil I7922
    Producers of radio & TV (except tape producers) I7922
    Theatrical promoters I7922
    Theatrical agents I7922
    Bands, orchestras, actors, oth entertainers & entertainment group I7929
    Dance companies I7929
    Musical groups & artists I7929
    Symphony orchestras & chamber music organizations I7929
    Other music groups & artists I7929
    Other performing arts companies (except circuses) I7929
    Actors & actresses I7929
    Bowling centers I793
    Bowling centers I7933
    Commercial sports I794
    Professional sports clubs, managers, and promoters I7941
    Sports teams & clubs I7941
    Football clubs I7941
    Baseball clubs I7941
    Other professional sports clubs I7941
    Stadium operators I7941
    Sports promoters I7941
    Sports agents I7941
    Racing, including track operation I7948
    Racetracks I7948
    Dog racetrack operation I7948
    Auto racetrack operation I7948
    Horse racetrack operation I7948
    Racing (except racetrack operation) I7948
    Miscellaneous amusement and recreation services I799
    Physical fitness facilities I7991
    Gymnasiums, athletic clubs, & physical fitness centers I7991
    Public golf courses % I7992
    Public golf courses I7992
    Coin-operated amusement devices I7993
    Amusement arcades I7993
    Slot machine operators I7993
    Coin-operated amusement devices (except slot machine operation) I7993
    Amusement parks I7996
    Amusement & theme parks I7996
    Waterparks I7996
    Amusement parks (except waterparks) I7996
    Membership sports & recreation clubs I7997
    Membership golf clubs I7997
    Membership recreation clubs with facilities I7997
    Membership sports & recreation clubs without facilities I7997
    Amusement & recreation services, n.e.c. % I7999
    Scenic railroads I7999
    Charter fishing & party fishing boats I7999
    Aerial tramways (scenic or sightseeing) & cable lifts I7999
    Recreational goods rental I7999
    Sports & recreation ticket agencies I7999
    Sports & recreation instruction I7999
    Circuses I7999
    Professional athletes I7999
    Promoters of performing arts, sports, & similar events w/o facil I7999
    Carnivals (except traveling carnival companies) I7999
    Fairs (state, county, etc.) I7999
    Caverns & miscellaneous commercial parks I7999
    Casinos (except casino hotels) I7999
    Lottery, bingo, bookie, & other betting operation I7999
    Skiing facilities I7999
    Fitness & recreational sports centers I7999
    Nonmembership recreation facilities I7999
    Ice skating rinks I7999
    Roller skating rinks I7999
    All other amusement & recreation industries I7999
    Concession operators of amusement devices & rides I7999
    Miniature golf courses I7999
    All other miscellaneous amusement & recreation services I7999



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